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Efrain Hernandez Sr. is a U.S. citizen by birth. His father was a U.S. Army soldier during
the1917-1918 WWI. One of his brothers was also a U.S. Army soldier and he was killed in
France during the WWII. Efrain studied at the University of Puerto Rico, a Land Grant
University, acquiring his degree in Agricultural Sciences, specializing in Agronomy,
Vocational Agricultural Education and Animal Husbandry. For a period of 39.5 years he
worked in Puerto Rico, in Africa, and in the State of Florida.

Between his experiences he worked as a Vocational Agricultural Teacher in Middle and Senior High
Schools with day students, young and adult farmers. He also worked as an Agricultural Extension Agent
with the University of Puerto Rico; and with the USDA first as an Agricultural Management County
Supervisor for the Farmers Home Administration; and as a Farm Management Specialist, loan making
and servicing plus real estate and chattel appraisal with the USDA/ Farmers Home Administration.  

In Ethiopia, Africa he was the Head of the Department of Agricultural Extension Service, and Head of
the Department of Agricultural Supervised Credit of the Ada Agricultural Development Project which
was financed by the Agency for International Development of the U.S. Department of State. There he
had the opportunity to introduce the agricultural supervised credit program in Ethiopia with the
cooperation of Mr. Clyde Adams who represented the USAID.   On July 1973 Emperor Haile Selassie, a
day after his 82nd birthday anniversary, visited the Agricultural Development Project and Efrain was
assigned to brief the Emperor, the US Ambassador, the Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture, the USAID
staff and security officers for a 23 minutes presentation on the progress and projections of the Project
which covered an area of 650,000 acres. Pictures were taken of Efrain with the Emperor. An Ethiopian
Attorney for the project's main office translated from English into the Ethiopian Amharic language. The
Emperor died a year later.

In Florida, Efrain worked 2 years for 2 small private organizations before he started working for the
Florida Department of Labor, Division of Employment Security, for ten and a half years as an
Agricultural Programs Specialist and Rural Manpower Representative, visiting the farmers and
preparing bi-weekly agricultural statistical reports that the State Office received from Efrain to be sent
to the USDL in Atlanta, Georgia.

After ten and a half years, Efrain continued working 13 more years with the Florida Department of
Labor, but  with the Division of Unemployment Compensation, as an Unemployment Compensation
Field Tax Auditor, completing investigations to all kind of employers and businesses in a three
counties area. When he started , for each audit he had to complete manually 7 pages, and on each
page he had to write down at the top, page after page, the same information: Employer's name,
Address, State Account Number, Federal Account Number, Date, etc., and had to use a calculator for all
the mathematical functions, etc. plus completing Employer Quarterly Wage and Tax Reports for
employers that were not in compliance. That was taking too much time for each audit.  Efrain decided to
create a computer program, at home during evening and week-ends, using a desktop computer with a
1.5 gigabytes hard drive, floppy diskettes and Microsoft Works. He programmed a format that he used
for his audits and other type of investigations. When Efrain retired in 2000 he programmed one
software that can be used not only in one State but in any State around the Nation and the Territories.
He named it as

Another working experience was for a period of less than a year.  Efrain was the Office Manager for a
large Employment and Unemployment Office, One Stop Center, with branch offices and a staff of over
35 professional employees, under the Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security.

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Efrain in
When Efrain retired in 2000 he programmed this Employer Quarterly
Wage and Tax Reports Software that can be used not only in one State
but in any State around the Nation and the Territories. It is a Wage data
software.He named it as
reviewing and updating the software.
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