ANY YEAR ANY STATE ANY RATE USA is not a wage payroll, it is a wage software
ANY YEAR ANY STATE ANY RATE USA is a programmed software created by a professional with
extensive knowledge and experience dealing with the problems that employers in all kind  of
businesses are having with regards to data for the quarterly wage and tax reports to be filed
timely with the respective Agency in  their States. In some States it is called the
Quarterly Wage and Tax Report
. In other States it is called Employer Quarterly Wage and Tax

ANY YEAR ANY STATE ANY RATE USA is not another payroll software. IT IS A WAGE  DATA
It has been programmed for typing and entering only the employees weekly  gross
wage for any of the 13 weeks on each Quarter.

This programmed wage  software will do everything else, including the totals of the
Excess wage
and Taxable  Wage  per employee by weeks, by Quarters and by Year.

It also prepares the Quarterly Wage and the Quarterly Tax final data that you can copy and paste
to your State Official paper Form or to prepare your business State Report online. The same data
could be used, as  well, to help you prepare the IRS Form 941 each quarter.

It also prepares an
Annual Summary of Wage that could help the employer to prepare the IRS
Form 940 Report for the end of the year.

The Employer will use frequently the
Individual Worker Annual Wages Summary printout each time
any of the workers will need prove of his/her gross wages.  With only typing and entering the
worker's Social Security Account Number. All his/her gross wages by week, by quarter and for the
year will be listed within seconds.

CAUTION: None of the above mentioned pages or printouts must be filed instead of your STATE
or FEDERAL Official Forms;
but you might copy and paste the data to your State Official paper
Form, or be used to prepare your business State Report online.

There is more detailed information about this WAGE  SOFTWARE, including  the Working Area
columns  and rows
where you type once the Business' name, State Account Number, the
Federal ID Number,the Experience Tax Rate, the maximum Taxable Gross Wage per Employee
per year, etc.

This Wage Software can be used with Microsoft Office Excel, or with OpenOffice Apache 4.00 or 4.1


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